About C2C

We facilitate shared responsibility & shared value approaches.

We are a profit-for-purpose business motivated by our experience of disasters, belief in the private sector, knowledge of community needs and understanding of government limitations. Thriving disaster resilient communities are at the heart of everything we do.

Understand and own
your commitment to

Support communities
that thrive, not just

Balance business &
government benefits to
community benefits.

Our Approach
We aim to educate, connect and motivate collaborative solutions between business, government and communities – before, during & after disasters. We work with:
» Business of all sizes across all industries
» Government across all levels
» Communities with all commonalities

Our Mission
To enable every business to identify what role they can play to actively contribute towards a disaster resilience Australia – by driving collaboration between business, government and communities.

Our Values
Flexibility » Every business is different, every community is different, all are important.
Passion » In both heart and mind we are passionately committed to what we do.
Integrity » We do what is right, not what comes first or what might be easiest.
Collaboration » We cannot do alone the great we can do when we work together.

Our Pledge
We commit 1% of our time and profits to building more resilient communities across Australia.

Learn what you could do.
Know what you should do.

T. +61 (0) 417 207 453
E. info@corporate2community.com
A. PO Box 182 Surrey Hills VIC 3127 Australia