Forward-thinking Solutions

We think differently so you do disasters differently

Disaster Giving

Our C2C Disaster Giving solutions will enable your business to effectively support communities in the before, during and/or after stages of existing and future all-hazard disasters.

We achieve this together by:

  • Embedding authentic & transparent disaster giving
  • Aligning disaster giving to existing CSR philosophies
  • Building internal knowledge of best practice support
  • Empowering your team to effectively activate

Given the future era of extreme disasters ahead, ad-hoc and uneducated donations will not position your business to effectively benefit from goodwill.

The negative outcomes from giving gone wrong can affect an organisation’s reputation and bottom line, and the community it wants to help.

Ask us about our Disaster Giving Activation Advice or 10-step Strategic Action Plan.

Community Collaborations

While there is much global research to support the importance of building community connections in the before stages of any disasters, the focus and funding towards building social capital in Australia is minimal.

Our C2C Community Collaborations program is a place-based (in-person or virtual) initiative with a primary focus of building resilient and thriving communities through collaborative education and engagement.

A model of ‘pay to participate’ and ‘paid to participate’ this innovative solution puts focus on:

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Risks
  • Capabilities
  • Needs 

Given the future era of natural and unnatural disasters to be faced by our communities, there is great benefit in businesses, government and communities investing resilience-led solutions.

Ask us how you can participate in building resilient communities through Community Collaborations.

Public-Private Partnerships

Australian communities face a future of more frequent, more destructive, compounding natural and unnatural disasters than they have experienced before.

This will put greater strain on the existing systems, resources and budgets currently activated across all levels of Australian governments.

The private sector offers to government capabilities such as:

  • Goods & services
  • Skilled talent
  • Research & innovation
  • Efficient systems& technologies
  • Connectivity to customers & consumers
  • Strategic planning & leadership
  • Corporate social responsibility goodwill

Our Public-Private Partnerships model builds relationships between business, industry associations and government to deliver community resilience-led outcomes.

Ask us how your organisation can strengthen its Public-Private Partnerships.

Resilient Ready™ Businesses

Existing siloed and tactical approaches will not position businesses to thrive given the new era of extreme disasters ahead.

Resilient Ready™ is a specialised workshop program designed to integrate all-hazard resilience into your organisation, from the ground up and the top down.

Aligned with your strategic goals, Resilient Ready™ is solely focused on readying your whole business for the direct and indirect impacts and consequences of future natural and unnatural disasters.

Individually tailored to each business, our internally focused Resilient Ready™ methodology drives benefits including:

  • A cultural commitment to all-hazard resilience
  • Focus on new disaster predictions
  • Alignment with global agendas of DRR & SDGs
  • Building reputations before, during & after impacts
  • Potential profit savings from future disruptions
  • Strengthened cross-function collaborations
  • Support for office-based & virtual team members

Ask us about integrating Resilient Ready™ into your business.

Help a Small Biz

When disaster strikes, small businesses are often the forgotten group missing out on funding, grants and meaningful assistance from charities and governments.

Research states 40% of small businesses don’t trade after a major disaster, with 80% closed two years after. Imagine the consequences of your town losing 80% of its businesses and workforce.

Help a Small Biz is an online solution to match the needs of businesses directly and indirectly impacted by disasters in Australia with the capabilities of businesses able to help.

Typical examples of small business needs:

  • Foot traffic
  • Generators
  • Marketing
  • Social media

Visit Help a Small Biz to find out more.

50 Communities Project

At C2C our focus is to build thriving communities that are better able to prepare for, respond to and recover from the impacts of natural and unnatural disasters.

We do this by understanding what communities need to be more resilient, and by directly connecting these needs to businesses that can help.

Our pro-bono 50 Communities Project focuses on how the small things can make a big difference.

Typical examples of community needs:

  • High vis vests for recovery
  • Torches for emergency kits
  • Community readiness plan
  • Chainsaws or generators
  • Signage for community alerts

Further information is available here.

Project Consulting

C2C brings the breadth of local and international knowledge, experience and connections to our project consulting on disaster readiness and resilience.

We are available for projects of any duration and location, in Australia or overseas.

Our consulting offerings include:

  • Thought leadership events
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Strategic audits
  • Executive coaching
  • Internal capability building
  • Government relations
  • Engagement programs
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Policy & procedure audits
  • Industry sector initiatives

Please connect to discuss your project consulting needs.

Speaking & Events

C2C founder, Renae Hanvin, and her team of engaging and informed speakers are motivated by the benefits of doing disasters differently.

Their knowledge and enthusiasm for disaster readiness and resilience will inspire your teams to embed essential new skills across your business, government department or community.

Speaking & event topics include:

  • Why doing disasters differently is everyone’s business
  • Putting disaster resilience on the CEO’s agenda
  • Corporate goodwill that helps not harms
  • Embracing the new era of public-private partnerships
  • Small businesses – the overlooked stakeholders in disasters
  • Thriving communities need successful businesses
  • Social contribution is the bedrock of resilience
  • Global good practice in Disaster Risk Reduction

Please connect to co-design an event or book a speaking session.

1:1 Advisory

Whether you are new to business, government or community resilience responsibilities or want to rethink your approach, our 1:1 Advisory service will give you the knowledge, confidence and direction you need.

1:1 Advisory is an online service that unpacks resilience-related challenges your organisation or community faces works towards a solution to meet your key objectives.

Delivered by C2C’s local and international experts who consult to government, emergency services, communities and businesses of all sizes, our 1:1 Advisory solution typically consists of:

  • 2 x 90 minutes zoom sessions within a month
  • 1 x 30 minute zoom session a month following

Please connect to find out more or request a tailored 1:1 Advisory approach.

Training & Workshops

Our C2C experts provide comprehensive training and workshops on all-hazard resilience for organisations of every scale including:

  • Medium to Large corporates
  • Small & Micro businesses
  • Industry Associations
  • All levels of government
  • Community groups

We deliver training in whatever format suits you, including in-house, external events and virtual presentations.

Our training and workshops include:

  • Understanding disasters
  • Building resilient businesses
  • Helping communities thrive

We look forward to discussing your training & workshop needs.