How we help

We think differently so you do disasters differently

Resilient Ready™ Businesses

Our Resilient Ready methodology will integrate all-hazard resilience into your organisation, from the ground up and the top down. Aligned with your strategic goals, we position resilience as everyone’s business. 

  • Future ready your people, property and profits
  • Deliver a cultural commitment to all-hazard resilience
  • Align to global agendas of DRR & SDGs
  • Engage office-based and virtual team members

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Disaster Giving

We’re committed to helping your corporate goodwill positively contribute to the communities that give you social license to operate – before, during and/or after the impacts of disasters.

  • Embed authentic and transparent disaster giving
  • Deliver helpful not harmful disaster goodwill
  • Build internal knowledge of best practice giving
  • Empower your team to effectively activate on demand

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Resilient Australia Alliance

The Resilient Australia Alliance™ is an inclusive private-public alliance of business and government working together to build a nation of all-hazard resilience.

  • Defining private sector ‘shared responsibility’
  • Facilitating shared understanding
  • Building trusted networks
  • Supporting collaborations through co-design

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Help a Small Biz

Help a Small Biz is an online solution to match the needs of businesses directly and indirectly impacted by disasters in Australia with the capabilities of businesses able to help.

Research states 40% of small businesses don’t trade after a major disaster, with 80% closed two years after. Imagine the consequences of your town losing 80% of its businesses and workforce.

Visit Help a Small Biz for: 

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Community Collaborations

We bring multi-stakeholder groups together for our place-based program (delivered in person or virtually) with a primary focus of building thriving communities through collaborative education and engagement.

  • Investing in place-based social capital
  • Identifying vulnerabilities and risks
  • Recognising capabilities and needs

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Public-Private Partnerships

A model that builds relationships between business, industry associations and government to deliver community resilience-led outcomes outside of limitations around existing processes, systems and resources. 

  • Expanding the reach of government budgets
  • Connecting innovation with policy
  • Widening delivery through trusted enablers

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50 Communities Project

Our pro-bono initiative to build thriving communities by understanding what communities need to be more resilient and/or recover and connect these needs to businesses that can help.

Typical examples of needs:

  • High vis vests for recovery
  • Emergency kit items such as torches
  • Chainsaws or generators
  • Signage for community alerts

Further information available here.

Project Consulting

Available for projects of any duration based in Australia or overseas, our team bring local and international knowledge and skills to consulting opportunities. 

Our consulting offerings include:

  • Strategic planning & implementation
  • Stakeholder mapping & engagement
  • Partnerships & audits
  • Executive coaching
  • Government relations

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1:1 Advisory

Whether you are new to business, government or community resilience responsibilities, have a pressing need or want to re-think your approach our 1:1 Advisory service will unpack the challenges you, your organisation or community faces while working towards a solution to meet your needs.

Delivered by C2C’s local and international experts who consult to corporates, SMEs, government, emergency services organisations and communities, our 1:1 Advisory typically consists of:

  • 2 x 90 minutes zoom sessions within a month
  • 1 x 30 minute zoom session a month following

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Training & Workshops

Our C2C specialists provide comprehensive training and workshops on all-hazard resilience for organisations of every scale including corporates, SMEs, industry associations, all levels of government and community groups.

Training & workshops are delivered in person or online with common themes including:

  • Understanding disasters
  • Building resilient businesses
  • Helping communities thrive
  • Leading collaborations before, during & after disasters

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Speaking & Events

Our collective of specialists are informed keynote speakers ready to inspire your audience while embedding forward-thinking mindsets and skills across your business, government or community.

Speaking & event topics include:

  • Why doing disasters differently is everyone’s business
  • Social capital is the foundation of resilience
  • Resilient businesses contribute to thriving communities
  • Helpful not harmful corporate disaster giving
  • Global good practice in Disaster Risk Reduction

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