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At corporate2community we are Doing Disasters Differently.

We put all-hazard disaster resilience on the everyday agenda for corporate CEOs & small-to-medium enterprise (SME) owners while driving public-private collaborations to support thriving communities before, during & after natural hazards or unnatural events.

Why Work With Us

We are pioneers challenging the traditional approach to disaster readiness, response and recovery by leading outcome-focused solutions for corporates, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), government, emergency services organisations and communities.

Where government processes and budgets are limited, where implementation fatigue is recurrent with ever-changing structures and policies, corporate2community continues its proactive commitment to ‘shared responsibility’ – community resilience for all hazards is everyone’s business.

Educate . Connect . Motivate .

“The private sector is the perfect advocate for resilient thinking because of its direct relationship with consumers, customers and suppliers and can steer public demand towards risk -sensitive products and services.”

Margareta Wahlström, UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction

Our Strategic Solutions

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Our Expertise

Building Resilient Businesses

We break down the disaster resilience silos within your business structure by challenging all functions on their approach – so your people, property and profits thrive, not just survive the many future impacts to come.

Advancing Leadership Capabilities

We create business leaders in disaster readiness, response and recovery by upskilling and empowering individuals and teams on the positive influence they can make towards your business and the communities in which you operate in.

Helping Communities Thrive

Every business has capabilities that can help communities prepare for, prevent, respond to and/or recover from natural and human-induced disasters – C2C can help you identify what your ‘shared responsibility’ role should be, and action it.

Strengthening Connections

We support organisations to identify and engage effectively with internal and external stakeholder groups including employees, shareholders, customers, competitors, government, agencies and communities.

Strategic Disaster Giving

At C2C we educate organisations to identify if their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goodwill is helping or harming communities as we discover new and existing ‘shared value’ opportunities beyond typical disaster relief.

Thought Leadership Content

At C2C we help you develop and deliver compelling, targeted and measurable content to generate more trust in your brand and connections with your audiences – led by thought leadership conversations, publications, events and communications.

We take an all hazards approach to disasters.





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We work with business, government & communities.

Our News & Insights

Why you need to think differently about donating

Why you need to think differently about donating

(click on image to watch video) Imagine... monstrous bushfires are on the outskirts of your town.  You're readying your staff, family and community to evacuate or stay and defend. You're managing a million life-threatening needs while making another million split...

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Who’s got a seat at your decision-making table?

Who’s got a seat at your decision-making table?

Who’s got a seat at your decision-making table? There are so many roundtables taking place across all sectors at the moment, but I feel it is necessary to ask those currently driving the recovery approach – who do you have sitting at the decision-making table? If the...

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Melanie, Red Cross Volunteer

Melanie, Red Cross Volunteer

Over the past few weeks, Mel from the C2C team has been activated twice as a Red Cross volunteer and travelled down to Bairnsdale to assist in the bushfire relief. The first week of January she worked the night shift as a Team Leader in the main relief centre helping...

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