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Disaster Giving Collective

$No cost to communities

Has your community joined the national Disaster Giving Collective to establish structures on how to ask for and receive goodwill from corporate and other givers?


corporate2community is proud to be leading a national approach to create good giving principles that benefits corporates and communities.

These principles developed alongside multi-stakeholders in communities, government, non-profits and businesses will support a new culture of disaster giving. Outcomes from these principles will lead to a corporate pledge and new approach to support how communities receive goodwill.

Contact us to enquire about how your community can join the Disaster Giving Collective and set up the processed and governance to ask for and receive much needed goods – including cash donations, skilled and un-skilled volunteers and products or goods.

Corporate donations made after the 2019/2020 bushfires showed how positive industry and business support can be. The funding from corporates and other donors can greatly help communities in their times of need.

But these donations also highlighted the importance of educated giving.

Helpful giving can make the world of difference to a community to support preparedness, resilience and short-to-long term relief and recovery.

But not all donations are welcome.

Unhelpful giving can harm communities more than the disaster itself. Unwanted goods, volunteers or inaccessible funds can feel like a second disaster to a community in crisis.

Benefits to communities include:

  • Receive more direct goodwill
  • Share your real-time community needs
  • Set the processes that most benefit your community
  • Establish systems before you need to activate




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