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Need help on how to best position your small business to thrive in this new era of disasters? We’re here to help!


Being a small business owner is hard. With so much on your plate it’s difficult to add anything more.

Don’t worry, we get it!

As a small business, C2C understands that we can’t do it all.

But we also understand the benefit and value in putting a little time aside to building your knowledge of a resilient mindset.

Building a resilient business doesn’t mean you need to complete a 40-page document that you’ll never read again!

Our approach is the exact opposite.

In any advisory support we offer it’s all about the little things, and how little things can add up to big positives for you and your business.

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Let’s be honest, most small business owners are in business because they have a craft they love to do. We didn’t all come into business to be business experts. That’s where our 1:1 Advisory support can help.

Renae Hanvin

Founder, corporate2community

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