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1 Month Coaching

$1,495 plus GST

Need a little support to get you on the path to building resilience within your small business? 


Our 1 Month coaching program is perfect for those who need a little help in understanding disasters and how being resilient can help your business to thrive.

We can help you to:

  • Better understand your business
  • Look at processes or systems to build resilience
  • Think about how disasters can impact your business
  • Identify small changes to make a big difference

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What is 1 Month Coaching?

It’s an opportunity to spend 4 one-hour sessions with a C2C expert over a month to look at the capabilities and gaps when it comes to resilience within your business.

During our first session we discuss what your challenges are and set out a plan over the next three sessions to support you to mitigate the risks and build greater resilience.

This helps you to build your own knowledge and capabilities as well as introduce new systems or processes into your business operations.

How does it work?

You participate in 4 x sessions over a month (weekly).

Each session runs for 90-minutes (a 1-hour online zoom session + 30-minutes for us to send you a wrap-up summary email).

Calls are made using zoom, you can dial in from any part of the globe and we can also record the session so you can be 100% focused.

We also call you a month after and spend 30 minutes to check in on your progess.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Who will my 1 Month Coaching be with?

Your coaching sessions will be with a C2C expert who has the skills to best meet your needs.

We will share details of your C2C expert when we confirm your session.

After I purchase, what's next?

We will be in contact with you within 48 business hours to arrange your session.

If you have any questions in the meantime you can contact [email protected]

What if I need to change the way this solution is delivered?

We are all about working with small businesses to deliver the best outcome for resilience building.

If you would like to discuss other ways we can deliver this solution please email [email protected]


What is your refund policy?

This solution has a no refund policy – we are that confident in the benefits it will bring to you and your small business.

Understanding disasters for small business owners is just another thing to add onto the to do list. Yet I know from my own experience that the more you are prepared, the better your success will be.

Renae Hanvin

Founder, corporate2community

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