For Small Businesses

Become a Disaster Master

$Price on Application

Are you ready to get ahead of future disasters? This group coaching program will take you from “it’s a disaster” to… “I’m a disaster master!”.


Who said disaster planning can’t be fun?

As a small business owner just like you, I get how confusing and complex it can be to even know where to start to understand disasters.

But we’re here to help!

I’ve been working in the disaster space for over a decade now and I’ve seen first hand the devastation that comes from small businesses not being ready to adapt to disruptions.

Become a Disaster Master is:

  • an 8-week program¬†
  • Online group coaching
  • Suitable for all levels of disaster knowledge or experience
  • Easy to follow
  • Takes a learn and do approach

As we all experienced during 2020 – disasters don’t plan ahead… but you can!

Sign up to our waitlist and we look forward to sharing more about the Become a Disaster Master solution with you soon.

If you are looking to complete a 40-page Business Continuity plan to get your business ready for disasters Рthis solution is DEFINITELY not for you! 

Renae Hanvin

Founder, corporate2community

Benefits to your business

Understand Disasters

The more you know about disasters the more you can plan your business to prepare, respond and recover better from them. This program is a great way to better understand which natural and unnatural disasters can really impact your business operations and stop you from doing business.

Connect with Others

You will quickly realise during our group coaching programs that you are not alone in your journey to prepare your business for disasters. We purposely invite up to 20 small biz owners and operators into our programs to facilitate and encourage shared learning and connections.

Business as Usual

It might sound strange but the more you can make disaster planning part of your everyday business the better your business will be. We help you learn how to plan for both natural and unnatural disasters and make it a simple part of your everyday business operations.