For Small Businesses

What IF…? Wednesday

$225 plus GST

What if you could easily prepare your small business for disasters like bushfires, floods, power outages and pandemics?


Are you ready to prepare your business for natural and unnatural disasters?

If the answer is YES, this 4-week group coaching program is for you!

Created for those just beginning their disaster planning journey, What IF..? Wednesday is for small biz owners and operators wanting to ready their business for future success.

Participants will receive a FREE Disaster Checklist and easy to use Toolkit to help you ready your business in the good times so you are prepared for when things might go bad.

Disasters don’t plan ahead but you can!

What IF… I had a plan ready for how my small business could thrive during a pandemic. It’s what we’re hearing most from our small business connections. Here’s your chance to think What IF’s?

Renae Hanvin

Founder, corporate2community

How does it work?

What IF..? Wednesday is a group coaching program run online over four consecutive weeks.

Sessions run for 1.5 hours with the first hour on the topic for that week and the last 30 minutes for an optional discussion.

We use the online meeting tool Zoom to run our session.

Participants will also receive a FREE Disaster Checklist and a simple Toolkit to help you and your business.

What is the weekly format?

Each weekly session goes for 1.5 hours. We spend the first hour on the topic for that week and leave the last 30 minutes for an optional discussion.

We email you a week in advance about the topic and ask you to tell us about any areas you’d like us to cover. Making each session as relevant as possible to you and your business is most important to us.

When do the sessions run?

Each What IF..? Wednesday round is different and can be run either in the morning, lunchtime or evening.  When we announce a new round we will clearly state the dates and times.

Sessions are run on Wednesdays (unless we run extra ones on other days!). 

What will I learn?

Each week we focus on a different topic that will help you prepared your business for disasters.

  • Week 1: Understanding disasters
  • Week 2: Know your business operations
  • Week 3: Employees, Customers & Suppliers
  • Week 4: Everyday disaster preparedness
How many are in each group coaching session?

We limit each program to no more than 20.

What is your refund policy?

This solution has no refund policy – we are that confident in the benefits it will bring to you and your Small Business.

Benefits to your business

Understand Disasters

The more you know about disasters the more you can plan your business to prepare, respond and recover better from them. This program is a great way to better understand which natural and unnatural disasters can really impact your business operations and stop you from doing business.

Connect with Others

You will quickly realise during our group coaching programs that you are not alone in your journey to prepare your business for disasters. We purposely invite up to 20 small biz owners and operators into our programs to facilitate and encourage shared learning and connections.

Business as Usual

It might sound strange but the more you can make disaster planning part of your everyday business the better your business will be. We help you learn how to plan for both natural and unnatural disasters and make it a simple part of your everyday business operations.