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Disaster Giving Audit

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Have you calculated what impact your $200k or $1m+ of disaster relief has made? It’s probably a good time to start!


When disasters strike the goodwill provided by corporates within and outside Australia is extraordinary – and necessary.

Necessary because impacted communities need as much help as they can get. But also necessary because of the corporate competition to get your brand included in the list of “million dollar givers”.

At C2C our experience tells us that most goodwill is ad-hoc, unplanned and more about what can be added to a press release than the actual impacts it will make.

Our Disaster Giving Audit solution helps organisations:

  • Review previous giving trends and spends
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Benchmark outputs and outcomes to your goodwill

Tailored to every organisation, a Disaster Giving Audit can bring a new approach to how and why you give based on what you’ve given in the past.

Let’s discuss the benefits to your business!

How do you know if your disaster giving is making the positive impact it should? Our Disaster Giving Audits enable you to measure the impact from your goodwill.

James Ritchie

Principal Consultant, corporate2community

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