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Resilient Ready Reset 

$Price upon enquiry

Take the RESILIENT READY road to Business success.
Book a Reset to position your business to thrive –
best for businesses with 20-200 employees.

New era of disasters
Australian businesses will face disasters that are more frequent, more destructive and more impactful. Building resilience must become an everyday priority across your whole business. 

More than a business continuity plan
The RESILIENT READY Reset program puts resilience at the epicentre of your strategic and stakeholder agenda. We bring your leadership team together to identify capabilities, gaps and opportunities. 

A focus on Prevent, Prepare, Promote and Protect, we empower all business functions to build understanding and commitment to a resilient contribution to future success. The program is aligned to ISO standards, AIDR Handbooks and global UNDRR and SGDs.

Embed resilience in your people
Completed in four weeks, we high-level audit your business, develop a tailored reset roadmap and suggest internal resource-led initiatives to build resilience, your way.

Positive outcomes
Taking the RESILIENT READY road to Business success can:

  • Build collaborative leadership
  • Reduce compound all-hazards risks
  • Increase brand equity
  • Enhance profits and efficiency savings
  • Educate and connect employees
  • Position you as an employer of choice
  • Bring commercial innovations

It prompted us to think about things in different ways!

Anthea Hammon

Managing Director at Scenic World

How will it help?

The RESILIENT READY program is a strategic approach to building resilience across your whole organisation.  It’s different to a business continuity plan as it removes the silo-focused approach and replaces it with a holistic commitment to resilience across all business units – together. 

This solution can:

  • Build collaborative leadership across your Executive Team
  • Reduce compound risks to all types of disasters using the 80/20 Rule
  • Increase brand equity as customers and suppliers appreciate your commitment
  • Enhance profits and efficiency savings to benefit before, during and after disaster events
  • Educate and connect employees through a new culture of ‘shared responsibility’
  • Position you as an Employer of Choice 
  • Bring commercial innovations 

Relevant to businesses across all sectors, including Not-For-Profits. This solution brings immediate benefits from the first workshop and delivers a roadmap of solutions your current resources can own and implement. Reset Reports are tailored to build resilience, your way.

How does it work?

There are three steps which can be activated within four weeks.


We host a 1.5 hour Reset Audit Workshop with your senior managers. We ask 10 questions across each of our eight RESILIENT READY categories to assess high-level capabilities, gaps and opportunities. No pre-work is required.   

Step 2:

We email a Reset Report with tailored recommendations, including a roadmap. You will receive a score to indentify what is working well and where improvements need to be made.

Step 3: 

We host a 1 hour Reset Roadmap Workshop to plan your activation towards everyday resilience. Our primary focus is to empower organisations to implement resilience solutions from within, however we are available for follow-up implementation support if required.

Workshops are available on-line or onsite.

What if we have more than 200 employees?

We can activate a Resilient Ready Reset within any business size.

If you have more than 200 employees please contact [email protected] and we will send further details.

Who will lead from C2C?

At C2C we have a collective of experts across many fields including business and community resilience, disaster risk reduction and stakeholder engagement.

You will be introduced to the C2C member who will deliver your RESILIENT READY Reset upon booking.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


What happens after I book?

We will connect with you within 48 business hours to discuss your RESILIENT READY Reset on-site or online workshop and confirm a convenient time.

We will also share with you more information about the types of questions we will ask during the workshop and who we recommend should participate.

You will also be sent an invoice with full payment required ten days business days prior to your first RESILIENT READY Reset workshop session.


Who should be included from my organisation?

We recommend participation includes your CEO or MD and Executive Leadership Team.

This enables us to gain a collective understanding across all your business functions regarding current knowledge, capabilities and gaps in resilience.

Our recommendation is there are no more than 12 people – but are happy to discuss options for your business needs.

What if I need to change the date of the workshop?

We are happy to work with you to change the date so long as we have 48 hours notice.

We request you to email [email protected] and call or text us on 0431 181 721.

Can C2C help deliver recommendations?

Yes. We can support your organisation to create and integrate RESILIENT READY solutions to benefit your business.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

What is your refund policy?

We provide a full refund should you cancel your booking four weeks prior to the first workshop.

Cancellations prior to one week before the first workshop receive a 50% refund.

No refund is issued for cancellations within a week of your first workshop.

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