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Disaster Giving Strategic Plan

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What’s your strategic plan to support communities before, during and after disasters? Don’t have one – let’s chat!


We are now in a new normal of compound disasters. More frequent, more disruptive and compounding like never before.

Regardless of cause, Australian communities will be greatly impacted by natural and unnatural disasters. These impacts have consequences that can affect a corporate’s ability to do business.

Most corporate support to communities relating to disasters is ad-hoc, unplanned and doesn’t always result in the impacted communities benefiting from your intended goodwill.

A C2C Disaster Giving Strategic Plan supports your leaders to:

  • Build a business giving roadmap
  • Identify how your business can best support communities
  • Understand the benefit in goodwill before not just during or after
  • Specify what types disasters your goodwill is for

Now is a great time to LEARN what you could do and KNOW what you should do.

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The number of corporates with millions (yes millions) sitting in trust accounts waiting for the next disaster is staggering. And a large percentage of those corporates have no strategic giving plan. Even more staggering!

Renae Hanvin

Founder, corporate2community

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