During a year of floods, bushfires, droughts and a global pandemic, was your business able to bounce back quickly from the challenging situations? 

The reality that we are entering into an era of more frequent, more costly and more complex catastrophes than ever before. No organisation is immune from major disruption. 

Is your business well-prepared for the next inevitable disaster?


Why is business resilience important?

‘Resilience’ can sound like a trendy buzzword – but at its core, it describes the ability of an organisation to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from a range of hazards in a coordinated and comprehensive way. 

More than ever before, you need to make all-hazards resilience a strategic business priority, not a “nice to have”. 



How will a Resilient Ready Reset help your business?

Resilient Ready Reset has been developed by local and global experts in disaster risk reduction, business resilience and community resilience. 

We host a 2-hour online workshop with your senior managers (with the option of also including your CEO and Executive Team) to ask ten questions across the eight Resilient Ready categories:  

  • Understanding your business
  • Reducing your risks
  • Planning your response
  • Building your networks
  • Strategically engaging
  • Continuously communicating
  • Holistically integrating
  • Effectively sustaining

Our Resilient Ready 4P methodology identifies resilience gaps, risks, capabilities and opportunities across all your business functions. No pre-work is required. 

After our analysis, we provide practical recommendations across the eight categories that can be activated immediately to build resilience – from the ground up and top-down.



Get started with Resilient Ready Reset

We can work with you to build a resilience-led mindset and culture within your entire organisation and to deliver better business results.

Book a Resilient Ready Reset to position your organisation to thrive. The program is relevant to businesses with 20-200 employees.

If you have more than 200 employees please contact [email protected] and we will send further details.

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