We engage all stakeholders to build disaster resilience.

Our national team of specialists are dedicated to working with traditional and new stakeholder groups to deliver good practice outcomes – that benefit business, government and communities.

Benefits to Business

Build brand value
Empowering resilience
Creating connections

Benefits to Government

Budget cost savings
Minimise people, property loss
Drive economic wellbeing

Benefits to Communities

Local leadership
Empowering resilience
Creating connections

To Business

We work with all businesses across all industries including:
» SMEs
» Large corporates
» Industry associations

We provide consulting services to help businesses better understand the role their organisation can play in building organisational resilience and community resilience.

Ask us about:
– Corporate disaster philanthropy
– Building a disaster resilient business
– Empowering disaster resilient communities
– Supporting small business resilience
– Innovative thought leadership
– Understanding shared value solutions
– Quarterly business conversations

To Government

We work with government across all departments, agencies and sectors within:
» Federal Government
» State Government
» Local Government

We provide solutions to support good practice private sector participation in government frameworks, strategic plans and implementation projects.

Ask us about:
– Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
– Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
– Global best practice business contribution
– Engaging with business stakeholders
– Collaborative partnership projects
– National governance needs
– Local grass roots business empowerment
– Quarterly business conversations

To Communities

We work with Australian communities to connect local needs to business capabilities, including:
» communities of place
» communities of common interest
» communities of common characteristics

We empower community-led solutions across preparedness, prevention, recovery and response stages of disasters and major

Ask us about:
– 50 communities project
– Building local business disaster resilience
– Delivering community resilience
– Connecting communities with businesses
– Understanding shared value solutions
– Quarterly business conversations

Learn what you could do.
Know what you should do.

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