Like many Australians, the start of the new year (and decade) hasn’t quite begun like I’d imagined.

With our corporate2community 2020 planning completed in November last year, the assumptions were from the end of January to launch our exciting new initiatives.

But how do you launch programs about resilience amidst a disaster?

Those who know me personally will appreciate my genuinely authentic and transparent approach to building resilient businesses, helping communities thrive and leading public-private collaborations.

So the notion of sharing our initiatives far and wide has turned into more of a mellow affair. In saying that, we welcome you to check out our solutions page on the website which will give you a sneak peak of what’s to come.

For the start of the new year though, our attention has turned to the devastating bushfires impacting so many of our fabulous communities – with so many small and micro-businesses being impacted like never before.

We have launched Help a Small Biz, an initiative aimed at helping small businesses impacted by the bushfires and, we are also working closely with a number of corporates as part of our Disaster Giving program to ensure that they are in a position to effectively support communities in the before, during and after stages of existing and future disasters.

Many people within the bushfire communities are facing a double impact – loss or damage to their home and business.

The unprecedented level of support from businesses large and small has been a true example of the spirit of giving. It’s been so great to see the extent of goodwill being offered to those in need.

However, there is still a lot to learn and clear gaps in many of the existing processes and systems that quickly, and simply, need to be fixed. We’re welcoming the opportunities coming to us to assist in these discussions.

While we focus on the preparedness, relief, recovery and rebuild through the remaining weeks of summer, it seems we are soon to experience firsthand the compounding impacts of our future era of disasters…given it looks like a new global pandemic is soon to arrive on our shores.

How ready (or not) are our businesses and communities for that?

That’s all from me now, happy reading! 


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