Help a Local Community

Connected communities are resilient communities. We work with communities to build connections and resilience to help you survive disasters.

Helping Communities before, during and after disasters

Connected communities are the foundation to resilience. The more connected communities are, the more resilient they’ll be.

Our communities are now facing disasters like never before. It’s not unusual for communities to be preparing for a new disaster, while still recovering from the last one.

It’s important communities lead their own recovery. But they need support to build connections and local resilience.

We work with local councils, neighbourhood houses, community centres, not-for-profits and groups of individuals. Together we identify gaps and build place-based resilience.

We build local capabilities through:

  • Community resilience programs
  • Private sector partnerships
  • Effective governance

Book a call with one of our experts to learn how we can support your community to build local resilience.