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Strategic Action Plan

From $1,495 plus GST

Are you currently in the process of mapping out priorities for building resilience in your community over the next 2-5 years?


This is a huge task and can be overwhelming with all the different stakeholder groups and community voices contributing to the discussion.

At corporate2community (C2C) we can support local leaders to create a Strategic Action Plan and help guide your community on the road towards resilience.

We provide an independent review of your community priorities, capabilities and strengths, as well as gaps and opportunities.

The benefit of engaging a third party such as C2C to help create a Strategic Strategic Action Plan is that we can manage the varied stakeholders without bias and provide an objective voice to help reach a consensus.  

A key outcome is that C2C will be able to identify responsibilities of each sub-community group to deliver against the plan priorities.

A Strategic Action Plan is one of the solutions available to help communities before, during and after disasters.

This solution is one of our social impact initiatives where we Help a Local Community.

C2C helped our East Gippsland Winter Festival Working Group by creating a clear roadmap and Strategic Action Plan. They clearly listed out our strategic priorities and deliverables which has been extremely valuable to help our working group move forward.
Adam Bloem

Founder, East Gippsland Winter Festival

How does it work?

There are many ways we can support your community to develop a Strategic Action Plan. 

Once we receive your enquiry we will contact you within 48 business hours and discuss what options will best suit your needs.  


Typically the process will include 6 steps:

  • 1.5 hour online or F2F workshop to understand existing capabilities and gaps in your community
  • We connect with any stakeholder groups who didn’t participate in the workshop
  • We email a first draft of your Strategic Action Plan for your review and comment
  • 1.5 hour online or F2F workshop to gather your feedback
  • We make edits and share with you a final version of the Strategic Action Plan
  • 1.5-hour online conversation with unlimited community representatives to talk through the plan and answer any questions you have. (FREE)
How much does it cost?

The price depends on how large your community is and the complexity of stakeholders involved. Once we receive your enquiry we will connect with you within 48 business hours and confirm next steps and the price point – prices start from $1,495.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Who will help from C2C?

At C2C we have a collective of experts across many fields including stakeholder engagement, community resilience and strategic planning. 

You will be introduced to the C2C member who will create your Strategic Action Plan by Mel when she books in your workshop session times.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 

What happens after I book?

We will connect with you within 48 business hours to arrange a convenient time to run your first online workshop. 

We will also share with you more information about the types of questions we will ask during the first workshop so you can prepare relevant information to share during the discussion.

Note, we do not ask you to complete any forms during the process, that’s what we are for!

We will also send you an invoice with payment required before we run the first session.

Why does C2C offer a FREE extra workshop?

We are a social enterprise which means we give 50% of our profits back to building resilient communities.

Providing a final workshop for FREE enables us to give back and ensure as many members within your community can hear about the Strategic Action Plan.

What if I need to change the way this solution is delivered?

We are all about working with communities to deliver the best outcome for local-led resilience building.

If you would like to discuss other ways we can deliver this solution please email [email protected]

What is your refund policy?

This solution has a no refund policy – we are that confident in the benefits it will bring to you and your Community.

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