At the start of the year I never thought “self isolation” or a “new normal” would be part of the C2C 2020 list of 2do. But here we are at the start of April experiencing a global pandemic. For so long C2C has been talking of why we need to start doing disasters differently because we face a new era of disasters.

Unfortunately it seems like this new era is already here.

Our commitment this month is:

1: To stay connected during the next weeks or months as we are forced to self-isolate. To me this is where Daniel Aldrich‘s focus on social capital is so important.

2: To focus on now because we are all experiencing the now in very different ways. From balancing working from home, kids not at school, elderly parents who are so much at risk, these are all consuming our time and energy in ways we never knew.

But as much as now is all we have, there is a new normal coming our way and we need to think about that too.

If your business is wondering how it can better connect with its employees or community, then please reach out to talk to us about our Disaster Giving program or, if you’re starting to think about resilience as a new normal then, we’d be happy to discuss our Resilient Ready model too.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss further.

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