Resilient Ready Hub: Kangaroo Island

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Building a disaster resilient business community across Kangaroo Island that delivers best practice solutions at home and afar.


Every business leader, owner and operator across Kangaroo Island is invited to participate in the co-design of a new risk reduction capability tool – to help consolidate knowledge from lived experience and prepare for future disruptions and disasters.

Funded by the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM), this project is a collaboration between C2C and the South Australian Department of Innovation and Skills (DIS).

We focus on building people’s capabilities, given people are the foundation for building resilience.

The project aims to:

  • Support a new culture of risk understanding, risk reduction and resilience;
  • Develop a co-designed tool that’s relevant and inclusive with the Kangaroo Island business community;
  • Integrate a micro-learning platform for business, because small steps drive big change.

Working group sessions are now underway, and in-community workshops will occur from May until September 2022.

Participating will allow you to:

  • Participate in the co-design of a purpose-built tool for business owners, operators across the KI community
  • Connect with like-minded businesses who are serious about resilience and expand your community and business networks;
  • Participate in expert lead workshops to further understand risk reduction and resilience;
  • Have the option to be part of developing micro-learning modules sharing lived experience;
  • Free access to the tool once developed.

If you are a person in business from Kangaroo Island and want to know more, register your details below.

Those insightful words from Hellen Keller have always resonated with me: Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Whether in business or personal life, engagement and collaboration are key to achieving amazing initiatives and realising our biggest dreams. 

Maria Waters

Local Project Engagement & Support

We live in a delicate ecosystem of interdependent networks and compounding hazards. Our collective resilience is dependent on building strong and ready communities.

Maddie Balzer

Project Coordinator, corporate2community


‘This project was funded under the Disaster Risk Reduction Grants Program funded by the Australian Governmentand the South Australian Government. Views and findings associated with this initiative/project are expressed independently and do not necessarily represent the views of State and Commonwealth funding bodies.’ 

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