Resilient Ready™ Corporates

Let’s make all-hazards resilience a strategic priority and integrate disaster readiness, response and recovery across your business – inside and out.

Making disaster resilience business as usual

Like it or not, disasters are here to stay.

More than ever, you need to make all-hazards resilience a strategic business priority.

Let us show you how.

Our Resilient Ready™ 4P method identifies gaps, risks, capabilities and opportunities.

We’ll work with you to build a resilience-led mindset and culture within your entire organisation.Working with cross functional leaders, we’ll help you incorporate all-hazards resilience.

From the ground up and top down, you’ll be ready for the good times and the bad.


FREE Discovery Call

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We’ve designed a specialised, tailored approach for corporate CEOs and Executive Teams of critical infrastructure and non-vital corporates.

You’ll learn our two-fold approach to resilience.

Resilient businesses need thriving communities for economic success.

This is why corporate2community’s unique Resilient Ready™ 4P approach applies organisational and community resilience outcomes to all outputs.

We guarantee you’ll build internal skills to identify and apply resilience-focused short and long-term solutions. This will support your leaders to:

Understand Your Business
Think differently about how and why disasters impact your operations.
Reduce Your Risks
Mitigate and prevent direct or indirect impacts and consequences.
Plan Your Response
Give your organisation the best chance to thrive.
Build Your Networks
Develop relationships to support readiness, response and recovery.
Strategically Engage
Apply an inclusive multi-stakeholder approach in the good times and the bad.
Continuously Communicate
Don’t wait until a forced evacuation to discuss disasters with stakeholders.
Holistically Integrate
Remove existing silos and embrace disaster resilience as everyone’s business.
Effectively Sustain
Embed and maintain continuous improvement of processes, resourcing and culture.

Meet our Collective

Renae Hanvin

Renae Hanvin

Founder + Director
James Ritchie

James Ritchie

Principal Consultant
Melanie Peverill

Melanie Peverill

Community Liaison & Resilience Coordinator

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