Help a Local Biz Community

Local business is the economic and social heartbeat of our communities. We help them build long-term sustainability so they can thrive.

Helping Businesses in Communities

Businesses in regional and rural communities need more help now than ever before.

Across Australia, bushfire-affected communities are moving through the stages of recovery. And we’re helping businesses in these places set goals and build skills for long-term success.

In other areas, we’re building local resilience through business-led connections and social capital solutions. And we’re helping businesses of all sizes develop resilience-led programs.

Our experience, knowledge and connections can help your local business community maximise government grants and source corporate goodwill.

We work with:

  • Community Recovery Committees
  • Tourism Associations
  • Business Chambers
  • Groups of individual businesses
  • Local Councils

Book a call with one of our experts to find out how we can help build resilience in your local business community.