Help a Local Biz Community

Local business is the economic and social heartbeat of our communities. We help them build long-term sustainability so they can thrive.

Helping communities before, during and after disasters

Businesses in regional and rural communities need more help now than ever before.

Across Australia, bushfire affected communities are moving through the stages of recovery. And we’re helping businesses in these places set goals and build skills for long-term success.

In other areas, we’re building local resilience through business-led connections and social capital solutions. And we’re helping businesses of all sizes develop resilience-led programs.

Our experience, knowledge and connections can help your local business community maximise government grants and source corporate goodwill.

We work with:

  • Community Recovery Committees
  • Tourism Associations
  • Business Chambers
  • Groups of individual businesses
  • Local Councils

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    What is Help a Local Biz Community?

    Help a Local Biz Community (HALBC) is a program developed by corporate2community to support economically resilient and thriving communities.

    We work with local business leaders in communities to identify solutions to build economic resilience, preparedness, response and recovery solutions to disasters.  

    Working across all types of natural and unnatural disasters we help communities embrace local capabilities and vulnerabilities, while recognising gaps and opportunities. 

    Our core focus is to build local community capabilities and support community-led resilience and recovery building.

    What types of solutions does Help a Local Biz Community offer?

    There are many ways we can support business community resilience, preparedness, response and recovery to natural and unnatural disasters.

    Here are some examples:

    • Industry sustainability plans
    • Stimulating economies through events
    • Community business resilience plans
    • Improving governance capabilities

    Once we understand your business community needs, we can help identify a locally-led solution. 

    How much do the co-designed solutions cost?

    Every business community has different needs. As we work with your business community leaders to co-design a solution to help your local community we will identify what costs will be incurred.  

    These may include project co-ordination costs, local capability building training costs or local engagement costs. We are fully transparent with all costs that will be incurred by corporate2community and other external providers to support the delivery of any programs.

    How can corporate2community help during COVID-19 restrictions?

    Our core aim is to support local business community resilience, preparedness, response and recovery to natural and unnatural disasters in your community. 

    To achieve this, the majority of our role won’t be reliant on us having to visit your community – although we will likely want to!

    During the COVID restrictions we will connect with you via phone and video conversations to understand your needs and co-design solutions. We will work with you to identify the best way for us to support your local business community to implement any funded programs.  This will likely include support from us with activation from a local business leader or team of leaders.

    How do you define a biz community?

    A biz community is a collective of businesses who seek to build resilience or are recovering from disasters. This can be business associations, business chambers, business networks or informal groups of businesses or industries with a common focus. 

    We work with business associations and groups that are place-based (ie all in one town or region) or are industry-based (ie in different regions but with similar needs).

    Will you collaborate with existing service providers?

    Absolutely. The core foundation of corporate2community is to lead collaborations.  We are more than happy to work with any existing suppliers you have to fill the gap in building resilience, preparedness, response or recovery to disasters. 

    During our initial chat we will ask you if you have providers already delivering the service so we can identify their role and include them in the co-design of the solution.

    How does Help a Local Biz Community work?

    Business leaders or business network members can book in for a FREE no obligation 15-minute phone or video chat with one of our corporate2community (C2C) experts.

    During this chat we listen to what your community needs and suggest solutions of how we may be able to help.

    If as a result you decide that C2C is the right fit to help your community, we then work with your community business leaders to co-design the solution into a program that will deliver positive outcomes to meet your community needs.  

    During this process we clearly outline who is responsible for what, including what C2C experts will deliver and what will need to be out-sourced, with a preference for local-led delivery at all times.

    We will support your business community leaders with paperwork for grant or other funding applications made by your community.  Then once funding is received, we help your business community to deliver the program as outlined in the co-designed solution.

    Is Help a Local Biz Community restricted to bushfire recovery?

    Funding to help community economic resilience, preparedness, response and recovery is available from many avenues.

    Typically funding comes from local government procurement, state or federal government grants, philanthropic grants or corporate goodwill.

    As we co-design solutions with your business community leaders we will identify what role corporate2community (C2C) will play to support delivery of the program. Our aim is for most of the program delivery to be locally-led with our role to fill the gaps and provide support.

    The costs associated with both C2C and the local business community to deliver the program will be included in the funding proposal. This will be different for each business community and each solution.

    Who from corporate2community will help us?

    At corporate2community we have a collective of experts who can support your business community needs. We will connect you with the most appropriate person depending on the co-designed solution to be developed for your business community.

    Who can seek Help a Local Biz Community help?

    We welcome leaders or members from business resilience and recovery committees, business associations, local government authorities or other business community groups or networks.

    All our support is business community-led and business community benefit.  
    Unfortunately, we cannot support individual businesses seeking help with this program – for individual small business help please visit our Help a Small Biz website. 

    Are there other organisations already offering this kind of help?

    There are many organisations offering a variety of help to businesses and communities impacted by disasters. Our aim is not to replace existing help. However, our experience from working with communities over a number of years has identified gaps in community needs and service providers. 

    Help a Local Biz Community is about supporting business leaders in a strategic whole-of-community collective approach to ensure they can access the help they need to build economically thriving, sustainable and resilient communities.

    We are interested, what are the next steps?

    Click on the Ask How or Book Now button on this website page and you can book in a FREE 15 minute no obligation phone or video chat with one of our experts to learn how we can support your local business community.

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