corporate2community was founded with the aim to help governments, businesses and communities to do disasters differently.

That means we approach emergency management with a ‘people first’ approach so that communities are better prepared for when a disaster occurs and for the long road through recovery and rebuilding.

Our founder Renae Hanvin offers a deep level of insight, an unbiased approach and leads a team of experts from within the sector who are driven to connecting the right type of goodwill from businesses large to small with Australian communities who need our help.

She’s also previously shared the stage with leaders in emergency management space such as Kate Riddell, Brett Ellis, Andrew Coghlan and Amanda Lamont.


An expert speaker for your next event

If your organisation is interested in:

  • better understanding the disaster landscape and learning about how the many organisations active within the community disaster readiness, response and recovery sector take an approach of shared responsibility;
  • exploring how connections are the fundamental backbone to resilience;
  • motivating action and defining the role you and your organisation – including your clients or customers, suppliers or employees – could or should play in this space; and
  • helpful, not harmful giving,

then Renae is available to bring her expertise to speaking events and conferences.

Please get in touch with us at and we will then respond with further details about how we can help your organisation.

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