Does your business have a plan of attack for when disaster inevitably strikes?

Or does it seem like it’s just too hard to prepare for disaster?

Having a disaster recovery plan in place, before the disaster happens, will enable you to adapt more quickly to change so you can minimise the risk of disruption to your business.


Disaster Resilience for Business Checklist & Toolkit

We’ve made it easier for your business to prepare for disaster.

The disaster resilience checklist and toolkit that we developed for Business Victoria is an easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand framework suitable for every business. Just download the relevant resources to get started.

Step 1: Use this quick reference checklist to help you protect your people and assets as you respond to a disaster. It will also help you to continue operating until you return to normal business operations.
Step 2: Complete the toolkit to help your business be more resilient to future disasters.

Completing this toolkit will help you:

  • identify what will make your business resilient to disasters
  • understand how you can prepare before a disaster
  • keep your business trading safely during a disaster
  • get your business back up and running after a disaster.

Finally, make sure to share your plan with your staff so they know what to do. The more you and your staff know about what your business needs to keep operating, the more resilient your business will be.


Get in touch with us

We can help your business or government organisation to develop custom resources for building and supporting business resilience.

If you’re interested in finding out more please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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