Here at C2C we have discovered that we are not immune to disasters.

As some of you may know, we have recently launched Help a Small Biz, a free online initiative aimed at supporting small businesses impacted by the recent bushfires by connecting them with other small businesses who can help.

In preparation for our launch, we ordered a new phone for one of our staff members so that she can do an even better job of liaising with and connecting with these businesses.

We expected the phone to be delivered within 5 business days but, reality found us waiting almost four weeks! (It has finally arrived…just in case you were wondering…)

So, over the past few weeks while we (in)patiently waited for our parcel, we came to the realisation that the impact of the coronavirus may have played a part in the phone not arriving on time.

Of course, this was never stipulated by the company we purchased the phone from but, judging from what’s out there on the world wide web when you google “impact of coronavirus”, you can’t help to make this assumption.

In fact, a Roy Morgan poll released recently found that around 1 in 6 Australian businesses (15%) have already been affected by the coronavirus. So, while it’s assumed the COVID-19 is limited to a global health issue, the reality is it’s impacting trade and the global economy of our business community too.

Australian businesses in manufacturing (aka iPhone makers), education & training and the wholesale industry are most affected closely followed by accommodation & food services including travel and tourism businesses.

This new threat comes as 28% of researched businesses said they had already been affected by the 2019/2020 bushfires.

While you may think your organisation will be immune to the consequences of this potential pandemic, now is probably the right time to spend a minimum of 30 minutes thinking about the what if’s?

· What if half your workforce were in 14-day isolation?

· What if your supply chains were impacted so you can’t manufacture?

· What if your customer base can’t get out to purchase your services/goods?

Planning and communicating is key to enabling your business to be ready for future disruptions. If you’re looking to start ‘doing disasters differently’ within your organisation, please check out our Resilient Ready™ solution and get in touch to book a discussion session today.

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