Disasters and disruptions are becoming more frequent and their impacts are being felt across all types of communities.

That means that there has never been a more important time for businesses and communities to collaborate and build resilience together.

It’s time for resilience to be not just a word, but to be a new vital capability and part of our national culture. And corporate2community is committed to being part of that movement.


The meaning of the corporate2community logo

We often get asked about the meaning behind the corporate2community logo – what it reflects and what it represents.

The logo very much ties into our three core focuses:

  • building resilient businesses;
  • helping communities thrive; and
  • leading collaborations between business and community.

We know that businesses need communities and communities need businesses – and everyone is stronger when they work together.


What do the figures mean?

On its face, the two figurative representations are people – there’s a head, arm and leg. The blue represents business and green represents community. The two parts are facing each other; connected to each other.

On a deeper level, it means that businesses and communities are working together to increase knowledge, build connections, and integrate behaviour change into the way businesses and communities operate day to day.

The outcome? Everyone benefits from the work of building disaster resilience together.


Why the number 2 and the lower case?

There’s also a reason we’re called ‘corporate2community’ and not ‘Corporate to Community’.

The number 2 represents the two stakeholders that build national resilience – businesses and communities.

The use of the lowercase c’s is because we wanted to ensure that corporates and communities were viewed equally – because corporates, that is businesses, need communities as much as communities need business.

So in essence, the corporate2community brand is about two important stakeholders sharing an equal playing field together; of two coming together as one.


We do disasters differently

We know that people are the foundation of resilience. The more we build capabilities in people the more resilient our communities will become.

Our expertise means that we can help communities, businesses and governments from thinking and doing disasters differently. To find out more about how we can help your organisation, contact us at [email protected].

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