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Disaster Risk Reduction – it’s time to act

Tomorrow, Saturday October 13, marks International Day for Disaster Reduction – an event which celebrates how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters. This year’s focus is on reducing the economic loss of disasters. Over the...

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Disaster response: What charity should you choose?

Last month we held our first Quarterly Business Conversation where a panel of experts from the disaster management sector spoke about their experience and the important role that businesses play before, during & after a disaster. While a number of very interesting...

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How you can do good – simply by doing business

For many small businesses, day-to-day running is enough to keep them flat chat – between customers, employees and bills, they have a lot on their plate. Because of this, taking the time to sit down and nut out a plan in the event of a disaster doesn’t rank highly on...

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