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Disaster response: What charity should you choose?

Last month we held our first Quarterly Business Conversation where a panel of experts from the disaster management sector spoke about their experience and the important role that businesses play before, during & after a disaster. While a number of very interesting...

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How you can do good – simply by doing business

For many small businesses, day-to-day running is enough to keep them flat chat – between customers, employees and bills, they have a lot on their plate. Because of this, taking the time to sit down and nut out a plan in the event of a disaster doesn’t rank highly on...

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Don’t just throw money at the disaster, support with purpose

In the aftermath of a disaster, one of the biggest challenges is understanding the needs of those affected and finding the best way to assist them quickly. Businesses often find themselves ‘throwing money at the problem’, without doing the proper planning and evidence...

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Your employees need to create your CDSP – not you!

Two years ago when I interviewed 15 big name corporates to see what they were currently doing regarding disaster relief and response, there were two things that stuck out.  Firstly, that only two out of the 15 had a plan as to how they are ready to support disaster...

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