What we do

We build resilient businesses & help communities thrive

At corporate2community (C2C) we build future-read businesses that positively contribute to resilient and thriving communities, by leading forward-thinking approaches, processes and partnerships in an era of increasingly extreme disasters.

Our purpose is to lead change that promotes value-driven shared-benefit outcomes for forward-thinking organisations and communities alike.


Our focus is:

    Working with businesses of all sizes across all industries to embrace an everyday culture of resilience to all-hazards.

    Educating businesses to ensure their social contributions positive support community needs before, during and after disasters.

    Connecting businesses with government and community leaders to co-design collaborative solutions delivering shared responsibility benefits.

Building Resilient Businesses

The ability to build resilience to more frequent, more destructive and compounding disasters is vital to the economic and social wellbeing of any organisation.

We assist your organisation to establish holistic business-as-usual approaches, so its people, property and profits thrive, not just survive the many future impacts to come.

Bigger than traditional business continuity and risk management approaches, C2C will challenge your processes and policies across all business functions from a disaster resilience and community resilience lens.

Our full-spectrum service is a Disaster Resilience Organisation Plan enabling organisations to understand, identify and mitigate both internal and external disaster risk reduction vulnerabilities – and establish business as usual approaches for future success of your organisation.

C2C Services:

  • Resilience mapping
  • Risks & gaps identification
  • Policy and procedure audits
  • Disaster Risk Reduction education
  • Disaster Risk management
  • Business continuity
  • Leadership & governance
  • Performance monitoring & evaluation

C2C Solutions:

Resilient Ready
Project Consulting
1:1 Advisory

Helping Communities Thrive

Every business has capabilities that can help communities prepare for, prevent, respond to and/or recover from natural and unnatural disasters.

The challenge is knowing what your ‘shared responsibility’ role should be and informing your employees and customers of your commitment for when they will need you most.

Our team at C2C have first-hand experience of impacted communities from personal involvement in global disasters to leading front-line responses for those in need.

Drive by a community-needs lens, we enable businesses to benefit from greater contribute to thriving Australian communities – both in the good times and the bad.

C2C Services:

  • Capabilities mapping
  • Community needs matching
  • Policy & procedure updates
  • Volunteering programs
  • Community relations
  • Strategic partnerships

C2C Solutions:

Community Collaborations
Training & Workshops
50 Communities Project

Strategic Disaster Giving

In today’s environment customers and employees expect organisations to make impactful contributions towards social good.

At C2C we educate organisational leaders to identify if their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goodwill is helping or harming communities, while discovering new and existing opportunities beyond typical disaster relief.

We help the private sector authentically and transparently balance the commercial benefits of goodwill, alongside business capabilities and moral contribution to support those who need it most.

Our core focus is to upskill organisations to develop strategic approaches, processes and partnerships ready to activate before impacts occur, while providing internal support to CSR teams when goodwill programs are implemented.

C2C Services:

  • Activation advice
  • Disaster relief audits
  • 10-step strategic action plan
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Risks & benefits matrix
  • Workplace, employee & customer giving
  • Grants programs
  • Policies & procedures

C2C Solutions:

Disaster Giving
Help a Small Biz
1:1 Advisory

Advance Leadership Capabilities

C2C creates business leaders in disaster readiness, response and recovery by upskilling and empowering individuals and teams across your organisation.

We focus on the positive impact that knowledge and preparedness can make towards the survival of your business and the communities in which you operate in and serve – before, during & after.

Our personalised approaches help executives, managers and grass roots operators to better understand the complex emergencies landscape and identify how greater contribution can be achieved from expanded understanding.

We focus on how your business can accelerate its participation in and contribution to the before, during and after stages of disasters; with an organisational resilience and community resilience lens.

By sharing research, theory, useable tools, monitoring and evaluation frameworks we build internal understanding, skillsets and toolkits driving positive results for your organisation. 

C2C Services:

  • Executive coaching
  • Team building
  • Business case for change

C2C Solutions:

1:1 Advisory
Project Consulting
Training & Workshops

Strengthening Connections

Connections build resilience, so the more connected you are the more resilient you will be.

C2C supports organisations to identify and engage effectively with internal and external stakeholder groups including employees, shareholders, customers, competitors, government, agencies and communities.

We not only look at who your internal and external stakeholders should be, we identify then analyse current, traditional and new target groups including those with direct and in-direct (through consequences of impact) relevance.

The outcome is you have a better understanding across your whole organisation and/or within strategic business functions of who, why and how you should be connecting with – including benefits and measurements of success.

C2C Services:

  • Stakeholder identification
  • Connections mapping
  • Government engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer engagement
  • Implementation support

C2C Solutions:

Public-Private Partnerships
Community Collaborations
Speaking & Events

Thought Leadership Content

Organisations that proactively create content and drive sector-leading conversations will position themselves at the forefront of the disaster readiness, response and recovery space. At C2C we help you build brand trust through online and offline thought leadership opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to develop a whitepaper, host a sector leading forum or post consistent content on social media, we identify opportunities from across all your business units.

Our team are experts in generating and delivering compelling, targeted and measurable content for your brand – before, during and after all-hazard disasters.

C2C Services:

  • Thought leadership strategy
  • eBook, whitepapers & reports
  • Forums & events
  • Workshop facilitation

C2C Solutions:

Speaking & Events
Project Consulting
Training & Workshops

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